Jamison and me

Sunriver Summer Vacation 2012, Day 3

Jamison and I took a faster bike ride this morning, with fewer stops. We made quesadillas and headed to the pool to meet up with the Predmores for an afternoon of fun.

This evening, we walked through the village, checking out the rock store, toy store, and book store.

An evening ride rounded out the day. The sky was beautiful! And for some reason, a bird flew into the side of my head. Oops! :-/

Just less than 70 miles on the odometer.

2 responses to “Sunriver Summer Vacation 2012, Day 3”

  1. Paul S. Brown Avatar
    Paul S. Brown

    Very nice!! Hope it’s not as warm as it is down here.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Paul, you’re right — it is very nice! ‘Course, when you’re on a bike or by a pool, how bad can it be? ;-)