Morning Flight

Today started early. Ashley flew out of PDX headed for Sacramento on my normal flight for Folsom. As we drove the Marquam Bridge’s top deck, Ashley photographed the clouds to the east. The sky was a beautiful yellow gray and the light was beginning to hit downtown Portland’s tall buildings. I’m looking forward to seeing Ashley’s pictures.

Arriving home, I packed up my pannier and looked out the window at my weather rock — wet and getting wetter! I dashed upstairs, snagged my yellow cycling jacket, and headed out. Somehow, bicycling in the rain always makes me feel about ten years old. Highly recommended. :-)

The field at my photo spot across from the Hillsboro airport was nothing to write home about, but 90 degrees to the left the sun was shining through the clouds. A plane on its approach path completed the view.

Today started beautifully for me. How did your day start?

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