Fall Preview

I was feeling guilty about my cloudy skies snap yesterday — the day ended up being quite nice. So today, as I was snapping a beautiful blue sky, I got distracted by this tree just starting to turn.

I wonder, will this fall be as gorgeous as last year’s? I hope so.

Which is your favorite season?

2 responses to “Fall Preview”

  1. sherileec Avatar

    Fall is very much my favorite season, but I must say I think you’re rushing it a bit. I do not want talk of back-to-school, and I am all horrors at people pinning Halloween stuff on Pinterest. I want to bask in summer!

    OK, rant over. Carry on with your autumn love. I’ll join you in September.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    I took the picture today. It’s not my fault it’s already changing colors. The tree next to it was going brown. Maybe they need water. Sure, let’s go with that. (Ignore that this is Oregon…) ;-)