Happy Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you!

Hat tip: Wicket Warwick — Google image search — MAKE Magazine — The Official Star Wars Blog

4 responses to “Happy Star Wars Day”

  1. Sherilee Avatar

    That is just way too much fun.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    I was going to say, “Way too perky” but I like your comment better. :-)

    Isn’t it amazing how the vast majority of those walking through LA’s Central Station walked by, ignoring Jennifer, like this was an everyday event? (And maybe it is?)

  3. Sherilee Avatar

    Not that I know a lot about it, but there seems to be something to the idea of being anonymous in a crowd, and being able to step into an alter-ego… Flash mobs bear that out, though having 50 of your closest friends dancing with you would bolster even ME.

    She’s perky, for sure. Too perky? I hesitate to say, “Is there such a thing?” since I know there IS.

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    I’ve never done a flash mob, but I could see how being anonymous could make it easier. In a big city like LA, I guess everyone’s anonymous, especially in Central Station. Still gutsy in my book. :-)