Orchid Show

To celebrate a few birthdays, we went to the Sacramento Orchid Society’s orchid show. I came home with an orchid book for beginners and everyone else came home with orchids.

We’re going to have fun trying to keep these beautiful flowers thriving.

Do you grow orchids?

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2 responses to “Orchid Show”

  1. Troy Logan Avatar
    Troy Logan

    I had an orchid plant given to me about 4 years ago. When the bloom finally went away, it stayed without a bloom for 3 years. I changed offices in January and moved the plant closer to the window – and within a month – the new blooms were forming, now I have a beautiful white orchid again. It had been so long, I wasn’t sure what color to expect. The other day, I purchased a vibrant blue orchid – I was told it was not natural though – funny what they can do.

    Thanks for Sharing Brent.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Troy, the book I bought said orchids need at least two hours of sun a day or lots of hours of artificial lighting. That’s cool that changing the lighting gave good results so quickly.

    I wonder how many of the popular orchids varieties can be found in nature, or if most of them are not “natural.”