@blogan “Mostly Alright” on Klouchebag.com

Ha! According to Klouchebag.com, the ARSE1 rating for @blogan is “mostly alright.”2 Looks like my “old-style” retweets could be an issue. :-D

What’s your rating?3 Or, maybe like your Klout rating, you don’t care. Good for you!

1ARSE: Anger, Retweets, Social Apps, and English Usage.
2I wonder if it’s falling as fast as my Klout score. Nah, couldn’t be.
2And no, I’m not going to admit already checking your Klouchebag score… :-p

Author: Brent Logan

Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Longboarder. Blood donor. Photographer. More about Brent.

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