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My Washing Machine Works - Brent Logan

My Washing Machine Works

One more major appliance has yielded to my handyman skills.

I spent all Saturday night and most of Sunday draining the drum, removing the drain pump and motor assembly, and then re-installing everything, to have it work only some of the time,1Intermittent bugs are the worst. and even then, not for long. I was able to eliminate kinked hoses, the backflow ball valve, electrical connections, and the control computer as being the problem. In the process, I learned about a filter I should be periodically checking and why smart appliance repairpersons wear gloves.

I also learned Suzi is much smarter than I in locating parts. I looked online, drove three hours, and didn’t get the part. Following Suzi’s advice, I made two quick calls, drove 45 minutes, and came home with the part. Thanks, Suzi!

After work, I had the offending motor assembly removed and the new one installed in less than an hour. It even works. :-)

I think the dishwasher is calling my name.

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    Intermittent bugs are the worst.