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Spring Break at Lincoln City and Depot Bay

We started our spring break on the Oregon coast, having been invited by friends Dave and Rachel to spend the weekend with them in Lincoln City. We spent Saturday in Depoe Bay, watching workers fillet the day’s catch. We weren’t the only watchers. Sea lions waited below, why, I’m not sure. The seagulls were faster in all cases but one. The sea lion investigated and rejected what had been offered. A gull wasn’t as finicky.

Sunday, Jamison and I went for an ocean ride on Mr. Max. We tried to go whale watching, but the whales didn’t cooperate. For that matter, neither did the weather. We got misted on most of the time and then rained on. Nope! We didn’t take cover. The view of the ocean and the sky is much better from the exposed bow.

Monday, we visited the beach by Mo’s. An incredible amount of wood debris was washed up onto the beach — more than I’ve ever seen. The kids made a fort while I took pictures of the sky.

My short vacation is over and Jamison’s spring break has barely begun. It should be a good week.

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