Your Mother’s Middle Name Is Too Short.

I got a new credit card in the mail today. While I was setting up my online account, I was presented with the following screen.

This bank apparently believes my mother’s middle name must be at least four characters long to be useful in establishing my identity, regardless of what her name actually is.

In other words, I might have to lie before they’ll trust me.

All the more reason to not use actual facts when creating account recovery answers. Use a password manager to store the made-up answers.

5 responses to “Your Mother’s Middle Name Is Too Short.”

  1. gwalter Avatar


  2. Art King Avatar

    Belly laughs here! Looks like a problem your grandparents did not anticipate when choosing a name for their baby girl.

  3. Sherilee Avatar

    Wouldn’t work for me, either. That’s pretty funny.

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    Yeah, what were they thinking?! ;-)

  5. Brent Logan Avatar

    I do have to give them props for choosing a question that’s not likely to available in my Facebook friends list. I wonder why they don’t want mixed case, a number, and a special character in my mom’s middle name.

    It’s amazing how many names are less than four characters.