How is making religious orgs pay…

How is making religious organizations pay for health insurance that could be used for birth control, sterilization, and abortions a bigger religious liberty issue than making me pay taxes to support a war?

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6 responses to “How is making religious orgs pay…”

  1. Sherwin Goerlitz Avatar

    It’s not. How much longer do you think we will have religious liberty?

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    I think it depends on how you define religious liberty. Some non-Christian groups would rightly note they don’t have religious liberty in American now.

    Many are concerned that new regulations preventing religious groups from purchasing health insurance that doesn’t cover birth control, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs are an infringement on religious liberty.

    I have a hard time differentiating between this regulation and taxation. Both require payment of dollars for a use that could conflict with our religious beliefs.

    How do we draw the line between rendering to Caesar (Mark 12:17) and obeying God rather than men (Acts 5:29)?

  3. gwalter Avatar

    There was a time when a certain church which values religious liberty would file “friend of the court” briefs for almost any church or religious organization that was facing oppression like this. I believe that was a good thing.

    Recently, several parents in Oregon City have withheld medical care for their children, choosing instead a faith-based approach. When those children died, the parents were sent to jail. I was surprised to see little, if no support for these people.

    And the same with war, there was little, if no outcry protesting war as a solution to recent issues. In fact, if truth be known, it appears as if a majority of church members support those overseas conflicts.

    Likewise, if the Catholic Church has been demonized by most protestant churches, why would they (or their members) stand up for those churches?

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    Gary, I agree. If one believes in religious liberty, one should stand up for the religious liberty of others.

    I just fail to see how this is a religious liberty issue any more than my having to pay taxes to support war. In both cases, the sinful activity is done by someone other and outside of the control of the one being forced to pay.

    In my case, that’s adequate for being able to sleep at night. And wouldn’t Jesus agree?

  5. gwalter Avatar

    Oh – now I see your point. I was missing that component.