Obama Worthless in the SOPA/PIPA Battle

I don’t trust President Obama. I don’t trust his promises. I don’t trust his ability to do the right thing.

In the big scheme of things, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without trial is much more important to our theory of government than SOPA/PIPA, yet Obama signed the NDAA after promising a veto. Obama understood the issues — he signed it anyway.1Absolutely unforgivable. Obama will never get one of my votes. I hope he doesn’t get yours either. Who’s the alternative? Someone who didn’t sign the NDAA. If the other candidate(s) aren’t acceptable to you, write in a name. Or don’t vote at all. It’s time to hold our politicians accountable for their actions. And if not for this, what could a president ever do that would cause you not to vote for his/her re-election?

The only way to make sure Obama doesn’t sign SOPA/PIPA into law is to make sure the bill never gets to his desk.

By Brent Logan

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  1. I actually don’t trust most politicians. They say you can’t be a politician unless you are willing to compromise – to take the expedient route. I see this everywhere – business, church, government. It breaks my heart… or I should say, it disheartens me.

    I hear people say that the candidates don’t have the “political will” to do the right thing, but I think it is actually the people who don’t have the will to do what you are suggesting – that is, holding them accountable. We are so polarized, misinformed, yay, uninformed – that we will follow anyone with a nice smile, good rhetoric, and words that make us feel good.

    I am not confident about the future.

    First line: “There are no political solutions…” http://youtu.be/-LtN7evu-eI

  2. Most politicians are human. We all have our own weaknesses. What weaknesses are unforgivable in a politician? (Subject of another post to write…)

    Unfortunately, we voters *are* uninformed and short of memory. Most have forgotten promises to close Gitmo, be transparent, have bills publicly available before votes/signing. We like what we hear, and then forget.

    Your link is interesting for two reasons: (1) Any link to The Police is a good link :-) and (2) because you posting that link and and I allowed it to stay, PIPA would allow my domain to be removed without judicial process from the Internet’s domain name servers. Does anyone really think that’s an appropriate remedy?

  3. Yes. Human indeed. Forgivable? Of course. But trustworthy? Nope.

    I remember being a manager with idealistic visions of perfection. I had great dreams and I sought to make those happen. EMS was a new profession and some amazing transformation was taking place. I got to play in that yard and helped to formulate some of those great changes.

    But I do remember how my opinions changed once I got more information. I made promises that later I regretted. Some of my employees would come to me and challenge me. All I could do was apologize, explain the new information, and try to be more careful with my words in the future.

    Now, 20 years later, the very EMS Ordinance that we drafted and passed for Washington County is allowing a substandard ambulance company to operate without proper checks and balances. We spend over two years working on that ordinance, and it is focused on minutiae, and misses the critical quality care issues. Oops. Now what – it will take a miracle to fix it?

    I’m just not sure we could find anyone electable that is also uncompromising. Anyone who has a past, even if they’ve changed and learned much from that past – is probably unelectable. Anyone who has ever changed their mind, is unelectable. The electable are squeaky clean, boring, and uninspired – in fact, they are probably just better liars (who sounds cynical now?).

    And I agree, any link with the Police is an (oops, gotta go, there are black helicopters circling overhead and armed personnel at my door!)

  4. Here is a Canadian talking about American politics…tsk…tsk…

    Is your president free to vote his conscience or does he have back room boys who he has to bow and scrape and nod to? Hmmm…:)

    And since when do words mean much? He made all manner of promises as does every other politician who runs for office…but words are just that.
    Ask any woman and she will tell you she loves action, not just words.

    And you are right, we all have very short memories when it comes to the running of our countries. Very short, indeed.

  5. I believe Obama’s signature was an expedient one. He wanted the NDAA passed, and since he believe he already had the right to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial, what was the harm in signing the bill? I disagree, and it will cost Obama any vote of mine forever unless he admits he was wrong (yeah, fat chance…). I have to draw the line somewhere.

    We don’t forgive political candidates for a lot of things we should. Then once they’re in office, we forgive them for lots of things we shouldn’t.

  6. I totally agree that we should hold politicians accountable, but not just the individual but the party as well. In the UK Tony Blair did things which were unacceptable for many voters of his party. The party is now saying “we should turn over another page and move forward”. The problem with this is that we the voters are always being asked to forgive the serious errors of the past. I don’t expect politicians to be perfect and always make the right decision, that itself is relative, but I’ve drawn my own line in the sand for both the politician and his or her party.

  7. I understand the desire to hold parties accountable, but it only takes a couple of “bad apples” and I’m left with no one to vote for. In fact, regarding the NDAA, 86 senators voted in favor of passage. Should I refuse to vote for either party from now on, or should I thankfully notice that both of my senators voted in opposition?

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