"Santa" and kids

Visiting “Santa Claus”

Christmas time means a trip to Pioneer Place to visit “Santa Claus.”1Little did we know that the real Santa had moved to Pioneer Courthouse Square, to be replaced by a fraud who didn’t ask the kid’s names, hurried through Christmas wants, and didn’t talk to parents other than to say, “Quick, snap the picture. There are other people in line.” Bad form, Pioneer Place. *<:-( (Today is Festivus, so the airing of grievances is traditional and appropriate.) Then we walked to Pioneer Courthouse Square to see Portland’s tree and take more pictures. I experimented with zoomy, blurry, and zoomy blurry pictures.

Brent Logan

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2 thoughts on “Visiting “Santa Claus””

    1. Thanks! Blurry and zoomy shots are the photographer’s equivalent of “jazz notes” while playing the piano. “There are no bad notes, only the look on your face.”

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