Dixie Horizon

Dixie Horizon

We made another trek to the Walla Walla valley1Where for many, speed limits are an aspirational goal, something to be approached, yet never achieved. to visit family. The count was 27 — kudos to Ron and Cherie for being willing to host the family, yet again.

Walla Walla was invisible from Dixie’s hills, obscured by the clouds, fog, and rain.

By Brent Logan

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  1. So on one of these trips we’ll have to see each other… Even though you can’t see Walla Walla from Dixie, I’m over here waving!

  2. Well, if I saw you it would be more often than I see your brother, tis true. Sad fact. Crazy life. But good to keep up with you online! Safe travels.

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