Flat Tired

On my ride1 home today, my tire got screwed.2

With less than a mile to go, I decided to walk3 instead of patching the tube. I should be carrying a spare tube in my pannier and a “boot” in my wallet.

Once I unscrew my tire, I can decide whether I need a new tire. The tires are old and I removed a nail from the rear tire not that long ago. It’s probably time to replace both and not worry about it.

Just what I need: another excuse to visit my local bike shop. :-)

Sometimes, I think a blog post is only an excuse to write footnotes.

  1. You drive a car and a journey by car is a drive. You ride a bike and a journey by bike is a ride. You fly a plane, yet a journey by plane is a flight, not a fly. Why? 
  2. I’m not suspicious it was malicious or vicious. It was likely merely pernicious. 
  3. See footnote 1, above. ;-) 

By Brent Logan

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2 replies on “Flat Tired”

You’re very welcome. When I wrote this post, I was trying to remember the term, “boot.” In searching for “fix tire dollar” I found a bunch of links, many (most?) earlier than yours, but I wanted to credit you because it was your blog post that taught me the trick. Thanks!

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