Vacation Biking Recap

Before I pedaled off to work this morning, I recorded the stats my cycle computer acquired during our vacation.


Actual Time Moving 10:27 hours
Distance 85.04 miles*
Average Speed 8.1 miles per hour
Maximum Speed 23.3 miles per hour

There is a big asterisk after the distance because these numbers only include the miles (1) biked on my bike and (2) while the cycle computer was working. We rented a tandem bicycle for Melissa to ride after her detour. As it turned out, Ashley and Heather rode it most, with Melissa riding Lilly, Heather’s bike. Regardless, I ended up riding it for a couple round trips between the village and the cabin. I also rode a short loop with Jamison. All of that probably adds up to eight miles. I also know the cycle computer’s magnet got misaligned for the first few miles of our ride on Sunday. Thus, the week’s total was somewhere between 95 and 100 miles. Not bad.

The average speed is low for a couple of reasons:

  1. It averages in the time we pushed our bikes through the village. Assuming it averages over time, this could be significant.
  2. We rode slowly. :-)

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