Commute by Bike in Folsom

Lake Natomas

I brought my bike along as we deliver Melissa to college so I could bike to work in Folsom. That’s a first for me.

I was able to ride along the American River bike trail part of the way, so I took some pictures. I made a mistake, took a wrong turn, and ended up going over the freeway, so I could see all the poor drivers trapped in their “cages.” So sad on such a beautiful day… :-(

Update. Of course, the commute goes both directions, but after work, I biked to brother Bob’s house and enjoyed his cool pool with the rest of the family (but not Bob, but that’s a story for another day). Ah, the perfect way to end a day. Grandma and Grandpa brought food over for a picnic supper. Nice!

I then biked along Lake Natoma back to the Logan family “bed and breakfast.”


Actual Time Moving1:26:37 h:m:s
Distance20.14 miles
Average Speed14.0 miles per hour
Maximum Speed30.4 miles per hour

By Brent Logan

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  1. Tough life you got going on there! ;)

    These are my favorite days of the year… starting out cooler, but sunny, and slowing getting darker earlier in the evening. Now if it would just stop around mid-September and hold indefinitely…

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