My Rental Car: A Nissan Cube

A brand new Nissan Cube greeted me as I stepped off the shuttle bus. I’ll return it later today with less than 300 miles on the odometer.

These little cars, with their wheels pushed out to the corners, are a kick to drive. Even with my height, the headroom is incredible and I can see under the rear-view mirror. I hate when the mirror is so low that I can’t see cross traffic at an intersection.

I like the driver’s cup holder to the left of the steering wheel; I can easily put my white mocha in the cupholder before I get in the car.

This car is worthy of a shot in front of the “bed and breakfast.”

Though it’s no 350Z. ;-)


I have wanted to drive one of these creatures… they are a shape that initially did not attract me, but my eyes have been worn down and now I’m intrigued, at least… nice to know it works for you tall folk, too!

I like it! I like the bevel styling around the windows. I’ve gotten used the the asymmetrical rear window treatment. It’s a fun little car.

And that’s the problem, at least for me. It’s too little. I couldn’t put Jamison’s electric bass and amp in the back without folding down the rear seats, and maybe not even then.

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