Looking Up

Sitting on a bench in Gladstone

My freshman year of college, I roomed with my brother and a high school classmate of his.1Yeah, we had three in a small dorm room. And probably twenty plants. And most importantly, a big stereo. That year, I bought my first SLR.2I got a Pentax LX. I said I would take pictures of clouds. As it turns out, I didn’t. Film and developing were too expensive to “waste” on pictures of the wind.

Now, with digital cameras, cloud pictures are free.3Ignoring the cost of storage. And, I use a point and shoot more often than a DSLR and I never use a film camera. I’m finding I look up all the time, pull my camera out of my shirt pocket, and take a sky shot.

Here are three from today.

What is your simple pleasure?

By Brent Logan

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  1. Wasn’t it a small room with three young men, 20 plants, big stereo and a Farrah poster? Or was it Cheryl Ladd?

  2. I hate to admit, but I don’t remember the poster in Grainger Hall. Was it on the door, which was always open if anyone was “home”? Or over the stereo? Over your desk?

    The Farrah poster was at the walnut farm, on the east wall of your bedroom. ;-)

    Update: I went to the attic, found some old slides, and using the laptop as my lightbox, found this:

    Grainger 304

    Is that Loni Anderson? And was that your desk?

    I’d say it’s time to get a slide scanner…

  3. Yup, I think that is Loni next to Rick’s desk. Maybe behind the door or on the closet. Scanner & iPad . . .

  4. Also, think that might be Linda Carter in front of Rick’s desk above his desk blotter calender. Gotta love the plants . . .

  5. Yeah, the plants were awesome. Three sets of hanging plants three high hanging from the sprinkler pipe, plants on the window sill, plants on the desks. It was crazy! :-)

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