Hillsboro Fourth of July Parade 2011

Hillsboro’s Fourth of July parade is a don’t-miss affair for us. We’ve gone many times and have learned a few things in the process:

  • If you want lots of candy, find a spot near the beginning of the route. Most of the parade participants throw candy to the spectators. They are a generous bunch; they just don’t know how to pace themselves when it comes to throwing candy. We learned the hard way one year when we watched near the end of the route. Oops! We were healthy that year. (If you’re serious about collecting candy, bring a bag. You’ll get more than will fit in your pockets.)
  • Sunscreen and hats are necessary most years, coats and umbrellas the others. You’ll want to bring water to drink every year.
  • Bring your camera and a long lens. I like the people shots and a wide-angle lens just won’t cut it.
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