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You might have noticed is a little zippier. A few things have changed recently:

  • My web hosting service moved my site to a new, faster shared server. Thanks, WebHostingBuzz! This is what inspired me to make more changes.
  • I combined my print CSS into my regular CSS file. One less file to download.
  • I removed all the Facebook, Twitter, and +1 social media cruft. It’s amazing how much these slow down a page load. They also allow Facebook and Google to track when you visit
  • I installed W3 Total Cache. Very full-featured with caching, minifying and setting expires for browser caching.
  • I removed a bunch of plugins, with the hardest to remove being Easy Fancybox. It’s very pretty, but includes multiple JS, CSS, and image files.1
  • I started using CloudFlare.2
  • A little while back, I started using WP which losslessly compresses uploaded images automatically.

I think the results speak for themselves: a YSlow rating of 100!

  1. I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep Easy Fancybox disabled. It would be nice to have a quick Lightbox alternative without a bunch of support files. I haven’t found one yet… Maybe the minification will make it a non-issue. Yeah, that’s it. ;-) Update: I wasn’t able to keep Easy Fancybox disabled. It just works too well on posts with large galleries of pictures. Adding it back dropped my scores to 95. 
  2. This seems to be causing a “Network Error (tcp_error)” using the standard proxies at work. WHB doesn’t think it’s their issue. 

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