Keeping Honest People Honest

I have a couple of bike locks. One barely qualifies for the label. It can survive gentle attacks by scissors and not much more.

Regardless, I carry it in my small seat pack, with my wallet, cell phone, keys, tire levers, and patch kit.

I figure it will keep honest people honest,1 slow down the stupid,2 and be barely noticeable to the criminally devious.3

To be “safe,” I use it only around honest and stupid people,4 and even then, not for long.

Last time I used it, I had stopped briefly at Starbucks for a mid-ride refreshment.5

Day 11 on the bike.

  1. I believe this is a noble civic goal, in addition to the direct benefit it provides to me. 
  2. Maybe my use of stupid is ill-advised. Unresourceful might be better. After all, who carries around cable (wire?) cutters? Yeah, I really don’t want to know how common that is. 
  3. To stop the criminally devious is impossible. They will steal water bottles, pumps, and cycle computers. They will steal anything attached with only quick-release levers. They will saw through a bike rack in broad daylight to steal a bike. 
  4. I expect there is some overlap in these first two groups. 
  5. I’ll let you judge for yourself whether I was surrounded by honest and stupid people. ;-) 

By Brent Logan

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2 replies on “Keeping Honest People Honest”

Ha! Not all honesty is stupid and not all stupidity is honest. It’s just that most (all?) honest people are stupid some of the times, and some stupid people are often honest.

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