On the way to school, Jamison and his friend play Banana, shouting “banana” and hitting each other whenever they see a yellow vehicle. (Are school buses really yellow?) Banana replaces the rainy-weather game of Padiddle: hitting the ceiling of the car upon seeing a vehicle with a burnt-out headlight.

Melissa is preparing to repaint her room and is looking for the perfect creamy yellow. Some of the walls at work are painted a color that might fit the bill, but they look so many different shades of yellow, depending on the light. For that matter, I’m not convinced they are a single shade of yellow. Regardless, my camera can’t seem to accurately transfer it to bits, even with custom white balance.

Color swatches to the rescue!1And possibly the willingness to paint more than once…

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    And possibly the willingness to paint more than once…

By Brent Logan

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