Walking Home

Taking advantage of my few remaining days having a short commute,1My commute is one mile from kitchen to cube. After my cube move in three weeks, it will more than triple to 3.3 miles. Feel my pain. :-D I walked home from work today. I enjoyed the additional light, the flowers announcing Spring’s soon arrival, and the flowery fragrance of dryer sheets.

Brent Logan

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2 thoughts on “Walking Home”

    1. Nah. It’s just the result of sharing a car.

      A couple of summers ago, I walked or biked to work every day (well, except for three and the days I drove to PDX to catch a plane; walking 30 miles to the airport is a little extreme). I ended up walking most days because it just didn’t make sense to take a bike for such a short distance.

      Now that I’ll be working at Intel’s Hawthorn Farm campus, biking will make more sense than walking.

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