Hearts, Part III

After two days of hearts, I couldn’t really expect another.1 Sure enough, evening arrived — cold and heartless. That’s when Jamison suggested we go get the mail. Sorting the mail on the kitchen counter, I discovered a card from Melissa. Inside Melissa had written individual notes to Suzi, Jamison, and me. I searched the card for a heart. Maybe Melissa had drawn one. No such luck2.

I wasn’t giving up yet. Could Melissa have drawn a heart on the envelope? That’s when I discovered my third heart!

Thanks, Melissa3!

1Though I did hint, hoping to improve my odds. I didn’t count the retweet.
2Although Melissa did draw a smiley. :-)
3And thanks, U.S. Postal Service.
Dare I hope for a fourth? ;-)

By Brent Logan

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