Happy Anniversary, Suzi!

Our kids - the best kids in the whole wide world

Yesterday, Suzi and I were summoned home for lunch and instructed to arrive together.

As we entered the kitchen, we discovered our kids waiting with an anniversary surprise. They had prepared a meal for all of us to enjoy together. There was a gift basket on the counter. And they had selected some of their favorite family pictures, printed them, and placed them in a picture room divider we had bought but not yet filled. And Lionel Ritchie played softly in the background. Awesome!

Thanks so much, Ashley, Heather, Melissa, and Jamison! Happy anniversary, Suzi!

By Brent Logan

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  1. Your wife is never in any of your pics! Unless your wife looks like a 20 year old woman and I am confused (that was my attempt at a compliment to someone I don’t know!).

  2. Ha, Jeff! I was about ready to agree with your tongue-in-cheek objection — until I took a look at my recent picture posts. I found Suzi in the following pictures:

    And this is just the last month.

    Thanks for the compliment! Suzi’s the reason our kids are so good looking. :-)

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