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Week in Review — WW23’10

Day by Day

Suzi’s birthday was this week. We celebrated by doing too much yard work: pruning hedges, edging lawns, weeding, planting, and pressure washing the sidewalk, driveway, and back porch. You know you’re in Oregon when you have to pressure wash a driveway with a southern exposure to keep it clear of moss and lichen. ;-)

As part of the fun, Jamison and I changed the oil, replaced the air filter, and replaced the spark plug of the pressure washer. It still feels like it’s running rich. I don’t know if it’s time to replace the carburetor. If so, we can call it a learning experience for Jamison — maybe for me, too.

I went to Folsom for a two-day trip on Tuesday and Wednesday. Only two days, but it felt long this time. Maybe because I’ve done a few day trips recently.

I love that I get to visit my parents when I travel for business. On Tuesday, my brother Bob and I visited our parents’ grave plots. It wasn’t as sad as you might expect, as both our parents were there to point the vacant plots out for us.

I donated blood on Friday afternoon. Failed the hemoglobin test the first time, squeaked by the second. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling tired. I didn’t try to be a hero by sitting up during the process and Louis the phlebotomist treated me well. It’s my tenth time donating. I’m on a pace to donate four times this year.


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  • Sarcasymptote: “An acerbic misanthrope teaches squirrely kids math in Brooklyn. Hilarity ensues.” I wish I’d had a math teacher this cool when I was in high school. I wish I could be a math teacher this cool. ;-)
  • Whatever: “Taunting the Tauntable since 1998. John Scalzi, Proprietor.”

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