Social Media Interaction

I asked a question on social media:

  1. As a tweet: Experimenting with a “spoiler” class for CSS. Does this work for iPad users?
  2. As an @reply on Twitter: @jabancroft Does the “spoiler” CSS work for you on your iPad?
  3. As a Buzz post: I’m experimenting with a “spoiler” class to hide content in a blog post until the reader clicks on it. I had originally thought of doing a “mousever” even, but was sure this would block iPad readers. So, all you iPad owners out there; does this work for you? Here’s a blog post that uses it:
  4. As a Facebook status: Any iPad users out there? If so, please go to this blog post of mine and let me know if the “spoiler” class works for you. In other words, can you read the blacked out text if you “click” on it? (Those of you on older browsers, you’re probably out of luck…)

The questions aren’t identical, but that’s largely because of the various social sites’ constraints: Facebook and Buzz allow for longer posts than Twitter.


  1. The tweet got a single response, but in reality, it was a response to a later tweet of mine. Regardless, it didn’t answer my question. That’s with 485 followers.
  2. The @reply got a response and it answered the question. Thanks, Josh!
  3. The buzz post sits quietly. This seems to be a trend on Buzz. No one gets interaction unless they have a ton of followers. I have only 64.
  4. The Facebook status got two responses, both helpful. I have 322 Facebook friends.

I get much better interaction on Facebook than anywhere else. I think it’s because I’ve limited my Facebook friends to people I actually know.

What about you? Where do you get the best interaction?

2 responses to “Social Media Interaction”

  1. sherilee Avatar

    Could it have anything to do with the question? Maybe the iPad is less utilized among your various peeps than imagined? Just a thought. A question that everyone would have an answer to (“What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” or something equally compelling–ha!) might be more enlightening about which social network gives better feedback.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    I would have expected Twitter to be the perfect place for this question. I tend to follow and be followed by a bunch of techie people, many of them Apple users.

    Two additional points:

    1. I gave an additional prod on Facebook by adding the following comment to my status: “Actually, I believe that iPhone users could provide the same feedback.” It was only after that prodding that I received any feedback.
    2. I had asked a similar question twice previously on Twitter, both times without any real response, even though I highlighted the questions later.