A successful Science-O-Rama

Tonight Jamison went to district Science-O-Rama with his Wireless Power Transfer engineering project.1Jamison’s project is based on the Instructable, “Low-Power Wireless Charging.” Jamison and two of his friends put their boards in a row and enjoyed the experience together.

Kudos to Synopsys2I corrected the spelling of Synopsys thanks to a note from Jeff Martens. for sponsoring this event.

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By Brent Logan

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  1. Looks like a cool project, so I’m sorry I missed it. I work for Synopsys and was one of the other judges. It was a really great event to be a part of, with lots of talented & bright kids!

  2. Thanks, Jamison had a lot of fun. I was kicking myself for not volunteering to be a judge. I appreciate all the time and work you put in with the kids talking to them about their projects.

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