How to Puddle Stomp

It’s springtime in Oregon.

It’s springtime in Oregon. The parking lots are filled with opportunities, uh, puddles. Taking advantage of these opportunities is easy:

  • Survey the scene to ensure no one is watching.
  • Stomp with only one foot at a time. Stomping with both feet results in soggy shoes and soppy socks (if you’re wearing any).
  • Lift the “off” foot about six inches to keep it above the splash zone.
  • Avoid puddles deeper than about 2-3 inches unless you’re wearing waterproof boots.

On second thought, there’s only one rule for puddle stomping:

  • Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

For advanced springtime fun, consider dancing in the rain.
Photo credit: / CC BY 2.0


Thanks. :-)

I wish I took the picture. It’s great!

You can find the artist by: 1. Mousing over the photo, 2. Clicking on the photo, or 3. Clicking on the link in the photo credit in the post footnote.

I use a lot of Flickr pictures under Creative Commons licenses. Looks like I need to consider making the photo credits more obvious.

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