The Universe is Hella Big, Almost…

There is a petition on Facebook to define the number prefix for 1027 as “Hella.” Yeah, that’s a big number: a one followed by 27 zeros, or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Coincidentally, the universe is estimated to be 0.88 hella-meters across. That’s hella big, almost… ;-)

To explore how big that really is, take a look at the Scale of the Universe.

Update. Okay, that wasn’t very clear. The number 1027 already has a name; it’s octillion. Hella would be the number prefix for an octillion units, like kilo is the prefix for a thousand units. In other works, an octillion meters would be 1 hella-meters. I edited the post to clarify.

Hat tip: All Facebook.

3 responses to “The Universe is Hella Big, Almost…”

  1. jmartens Avatar

    So that implies the universe has an end….what does the end look like? What is beyond the end?

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    There are space monsters there (and a brick wall). ;-)

  3. jmartens Avatar

    Is that similar to the wall between San Diego and Tijuana?