iPad Limitations — Here to Stay?

The original Apple Macintosh had a monochrome display, a one-button mouse, no expansion slots, and a keyboard with no function keys or numeric keypad.

Apple touted each of these limitations as a feature. Yet each of these limitations was eliminated in later products.

The Apple iPad has no GPS, no camera, no stylus, no flash support, and is tied to iTunes.

Which of these limitations do you think will be fixed in later versions?

4 responses to “iPad Limitations — Here to Stay?”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Netbooks crash a lot. Do you think that’s a limitation that will be fixed in future iterations?

    Neither do I. ;-)

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Brian, thanks for the reminder. The original Mac crashed, too. Some may remember the cute error message.

  3. theguardian Avatar

    Well, if we all wait for any item to be perfected, we are all in trouble…look in the mirror and ask yourself “What contribution have I made to society?” Flaws in products have certainly not stopped us from driving an auto.

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    Exactly. No matter how much I may dislike a certain (lack of) feature or business model, maybe, just maybe, Apple will fix it in a future version.