Year in Review: Favorite Posts

Here are my favorite posts of 2009. I learned a few things from writing this post.

  1. Many of my posts are boring, even to me. Before pressing publish I should make sure my eyes are not glazing over. If so, delete it.
  2. The posts I like best are long-form blogging about family, food, and vacations, with a few rants thrown in.
  3. I like the many of my “link blog” posts, but they’re not my best posts.
  4. I posted a lot of family vacation pictures this past year.

Take a quick glance. Do you have a favorite?

Miscellaneous and rants

Social media


  • Vegetarian Chili. A recipe we’ve enjoyed many times. We enjoyed some last week.
  • Gazpacho. Another favorite summertime recipe.
  • Pasta Salad. A great picnic food recipe. I’ll try not to notice the snow outside my window while I type this.
  • Creamy Red Potato Salad. I’m hungry just thinking about it (and missing summer picnics).
  • Vegan Tomato Basil Bisque. It’s not every recipe that mentions Charles’ Gas Law.
  • Update: Healthy veggie soup, or is it stew? Okay, I didn’t write this, and it’s not even on my blog, but this soup/stew is wonderful and I want to be able to find it in the future.

Family pictures

Warning: These posts are unlikely to be interesting to outside my family.

I didn’t use a scientific method to create this list. These are simply the posts I like best. Through some quirk of Google, “Where in the World is North Korea?” is my post with the most page views. Although it’s a few years old, it remains the most hit post each and every day. Does that make it my best post ever? I hope not. My post, “Craigslist Buyer Scam E-mail” has the most comments. I don’t think it’s one of my best posts, either. That’s why I went with the unscientific “what I like best” method. :-)

2 responses to “Year in Review: Favorite Posts”

  1. Steph Avatar

    sometimes you are way to technical for me, but I love that we can interact occasionally, and you'll always be my favorite boy cousin (don't tell the others : )

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Ha! Thanks, Steph. I won't tell a soul. ;-)