Our Anniversary Celebration


This afternoon, our kids banished Suzi and me from our house. All we were told is they were preparing an early anniversary celebration for us, could we stay away until after 5? Our course!

We returned to find a sign on the door announcing we had arrived at Chez Logan. Inside, nicely dressed wait staff greeted us at a maître d’s podium. We discovered Chez Logan was decorated with flickering candles throughout, rose petals, and little white lights draped tastefully over cabinets. We were directed to our private table and Jamison handed us our menus and filled our glasses. Ashley, Heather, and Melissa attentively served us the delicious food they had prepared for us.

Lionel Richie played softly in the background. A slide presentation of family photos from our Rainier camping trip this past summer looped on the TV. In between courses, Jamison performed a piano solo.

After dinner, we enjoyed dessert, complete with hugs and kisses. Chez Logan presented Suzi and me with a gift basket and took pictures of us for our memory book.

Wow! Thanks, kids!

By Brent Logan

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  1. Agreed. They've done crazy stuff like this for us each year. They've never understood how an anniversary is anything other than "family time." :-)

  2. How very, very awesome! There are times marriages hit low spots and we remember our kids, there are times we wish we never had kids, and then there are times like this when you say – it was all worth it – and I'd do it barefoot on broken glass – 100 times, over and over!

    What a great family you have!!

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