One Good Deed

Do the Deed is about attitude and action. Becoming more aware. Intentionally doing good for those around you. This site exists to celebrate and inspire a movement fueled by simple acts of kindness. The smallest deed can change a life. Together we can bring joy to the world.
One deed at a time. (Source.)

Indeed. Visit Do the Deed to find more ideas for making a difference.

Hat tip: The Todd Blog.

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2 responses to “One Good Deed”

  1. Todd Avatar

    Hey! Thanks for blogging about the site.

    When are you going to transition to Thesis? I think you’d love it! And your trademark blue header would look great.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    No problem. It’s a great cause and the video is cool.

    The Thesis theme looks nice. Lots of “customizability” with minimum effort. Unfortunately, Thesis is not free. I’m too cheap frugal to spend the money.