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EPA Declares My Personal Emissions to be Pollutants

EPA Declares My Personal Emissions to be Pollutants. Seriously. :-/ Yeah, both carbon dioxide and methane, for the juvenile among us. For some reason, the EPA chose to ignore water vapor, another greenhouse gas I also emit.



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2 responses to “EPA Declares My Personal Emissions to be Pollutants”

  1. Roy W. Gardner Avatar
    Roy W. Gardner

    Imagine this extreme scenario: We are taxed for our personal exhalations of carbon monoxide. Some people refuse to pay. The penalty is suffocation.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Roy, if you put this in government speak, it sounds reasonable:

    All individuals are required to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions by 2%. Those who fail to do so will have technological assistance that decreases their emissions by 75%.

    That should work! ;-)