Easy Cash With Google?

From The Official Google Blog:

“Use Google to Make 1000s of Dollars!” or “Easy Cash with Google: You Could be Making up to $978 a Day Working from Home!” You may have seen offers like these using Google’s name or logo that sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately, nearly all of them are, and, despite hundreds of consumer complaints and our own efforts to keep these sites from tricking people, some scams continue. [Emphasis added.]

Only “nearly all of them”? Google, can you identify one true offer for me? ;-)

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2 responses to “Easy Cash With Google?”

  1. karen bell Avatar
    karen bell

    What do you mean “nearly all of them are” (scams)? Which ones aren’t? Non Internet savvy people don’t know how to get to your website to ask. Kudos,it’s about time Google put it on national news CNN. By not speaking up people took it as an endorsement by Google. I am happy I never fell for it but, I almost did. Google should have been screaming foul from the beginning and getting the pr out. I am studying Adsense for Dummies. No business comes efortlessly or cheap. I’m glad your here.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Karen, I’m being just a little snarky, calling out Google for not having the guts to call out all the scams. Is is there really an offer that sounds to be good to be true, yet is, or is Google afraid of the scammers’ lawyers?