I Award You No Points

Don’t you want to forward this video to someone who just did something stupid?

I remember a law professor who told me this exact thing after I attempted to answer one of his questions. Well, not exactly. I believe his exact words were, “Mr. Logan, that was certainly a baroque answer.” Somehow, it felt the same. I didn’t volunteer in that class for quite a while.

How often do we shut other people down with similar results?

Strangely enough, I became this professor’s unofficial IT support guy and helped him check cites for a revised version of his casebook. I asked him to be a reference for my first law job. Life is funny that way.

Author: Brent Logan

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4 thoughts on “I Award You No Points”

  1. I’m certain I’ve done this with my tone. There have been many times in my career as a trainer that I have wanted to say this to people. Thanks for sharing this. It made my day. :)

  2. Nick, that was certainly a baroque— Oops!

    It seems my natural response is to shut people down. And then I wonder why it’s so quiet around here. Hmm…

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