We're Out of Here

Off to Walla Walla

Yesterday was a busy day. We loaded the rental truck, drove to Walla Walla with Ashley, ran the gauntlet of financial clearance and village life, unloaded the truck, and set up some furniture. Much thanks to FIL and Ron for helping haul the furniture up the stairs to the second-floor apartment. When that was done, I drove the truck back to Portland so we could return it before 7 am this morning.

Suzi left today with Heather and the kitchen stuff. They will have fun tomorrow setting up Heather’s room, the kitchen, and the front room.

I remember driving to college in my gold ’74 Superbeetle. Everything I needed fit just fine and that was in the days of component stereos, turntables, and big speakers. ‘Course, I was living in the dorm, so I didn’t need to bring much beyond clothes, bedding, and my HP41C. :-)

It’s nice getting Ashley and Heather moved in and set up but we will miss them this school year.