Afternoon Trip to Sunset Beach, Oregon

Saturday afternoon we went to Sunset Beach on the Oregon Coast. And by “we,” I mean Suzi, her sisters, and all our families. When we get together, we always have a great time. :-)

Sunset Beach is a long, wide, flat beach that you can drive on. Note to self: check the tide tables before going next time. We drove a way south on the beach, parked to set up our picnic, and just then a wave came a little too close to the van for comfort. We decided it was time to get the van back off the beach. With four-wheel drive, we could have just pulled up a little higher and not worried. It was no problem — we had a non-sandy picnic in the parking lot and returned to the beach.

We had a typical day at the Oregon coast: digging to China with shovels, building sandcastles, lighting and tending campfires, making s’mores, staying relatively dry, and sitting in circles and enjoying each others’ company. We didn’t get the forecast sun, but we didn’t get wind, either. Not a bad trade.

And not a bad day. :-)