Oregon Miniature Aircraft Squadron Air Show

Jamison, Melissa, and I went to the Oregon Miniature Aircraft Squadron air show today. For a suggested parking donation of $5, how could we go wrong?

We had a blast! We saw combat, helicopters, boats, RC cars, large planes, ducted-fan “jets,” and a crazy-looking flying “skydiver.” These are just a few of the pictures I took.

By Brent Logan

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  1. Wow! Loved the pictures! Wish I had known about this. I’d have been there with a few sons! Hey, tell me about that picture with the helicopter upside down a few feet off the ground. What was that all about?

  2. The helicopters were amazing. They are able to do maneuvers I couldn’t explain. Sure, travelling rolls and loops make sense. Even inverted flight (as shown in the picture) also make sense. Stop a roll or loop half way through and then symmetrical rotors work as designed, just with the body over the rotors, rather than under. I imagine this introduces an additional instability by moving the center of mass above the center of lift. The pilot was just proving a point by doing inverted flight a foot or two off the ground.

    Somehow, the helicopters were able to do in-place rolls and flips. They were able to hover with the nose pointing up (?!) What’s providing the lift? The rotors make a loud thrumming sound during these unusual maneuvers.

    Very impressive!

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