A Calorie-Neutral Lunch

Starbucks coffee mug According to an online walking calorie calculator, I used 99 calories walking to Starbucks and another 99 walking back to work. Starbucks’ online nutrition information page says my grande, two-pump, non-fat, no-whip, white chocolate mocha is 350 calories.

Looks like I need to nearly double my route’s distance to have a calorie-neutral walk.

Update. I forgot to subtract 120 calories for the two fewer pumps of white mocha syrup, which decreases the drink’s calories to 230. That’s pretty close to calorie neutral as-is! Not bad, considering a standard grande white chocolate mocha is 470 calories.

Update 2. Okay. I was so close, I had to map my walk. It’s actually 1.21 miles, not 1.0. That means I burn 240 calories. Yes! That’s 10 more than in the drink — better than neutral. :-)

According to my calculations, while walking, I’m using nearly the same energy as six 60-watt light bulbs. Let’s just stipulate that I’m not carbon neutral. ;-)
Photo credit: “Careful” by el patojo on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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