Barclays Black Card

I feel so special.

I just received a “pre-screened” credit card application for Barclays Black Card, limited to “1% of the US population.” Note, not the top 1%, just 1%. Barclays is promising, cross their black hearts, not to issue more than 2.85 million Black Cards. Not that I would know or could collect anything if they broke that promise…

For the low, low annual fee of $495 (no, I didn’t slip a decimal point or two) I could carry their patent pending, black carbon credit card.

Depending on our review of your application and credit history, we will assign a credit line with a minimum of $250.

[Expletive deleted]! I might not even get a credit limit matching the annual fee?! I pay them $500 and they’ll let me borrow half of it back, with interest due? How did I end up on the top 1% gullible list?

I’d rather carry plastic, thank you.