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Twitter Hit and Run - Brent Logan

Twitter Hit and Run

I just received a Twitter follow notification e-mail:

Hi, Brent Logan (blogan).

Oh What A Fool I Am (ohwhatafooliam) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Oh What A Fool I Am’s profile here:

You may follow Oh What A Fool I Am as well by clicking on the “follow” button.

As per my custom, I followed the link to see whether I wanted to follow back. No web address listed. That’s a negative mark. I like to know who I follow. Only one tweet. Another negative, though it didn’t include a link to likely spam. The picture is of a young female. Sorry to say, but that’s another sign of a spammer.

The only remaining information was who “Oh What A Fool I Am” is following. An impressive group to be sure. I was flattered to be included until I realized I wasn’t. “Oh What A Fool I Am” had followed me and then immediately unfollowed me.


“Oh What A Fool I Am” is not the real name. No Google juice for you.