Jon Stewart Interviews Cliff May On Torture

Jon Stewart interviews Cliff May in an entertaining discussion on enhanced interrogation techniques and the torture memos. Both sides are well represented. Well worth watching.

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2 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Interviews Cliff May On Torture”

  1. Wow that was some good watching. Thanks for sharing the Daily Show interview (I was dumbfounded about half-way through when Stewart said what he said) as well as the Whittle commentary. I find Stewart to be smart, witty and sometimes too wrapped up in his own thoughts during interviews. Hard to listen to a differing point of view (or even an agreeing one) when you spend the whole time thinking about what you’re going to say next, then interrupting the person you’ve brought in to interview.

  2. In retrospect, using “interviews” in the title was wrong. Stewart debated, or argued, or “shouted down” (the privilege of being host, I guess).

    In Stewart’s defense, he retracted his statement calling Truman a war criminal, and even apologized.

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