The Political Blog

Recently, I committed to quit writing about partisan politics on I must admit, I’m not sure how successful I’ve been. First a couple of points, and then my solution.

  • I used to excuse writing about politics because I thought “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.” You read my blog — you get me. And not just a part of me, but my stream of thought on various topics. I guess that’s valid, but it’s also a good way to limit readership. Some people might want to read about technology or WordPress or even religion, but be completely turned off by my political rants. I know I’ve unsubscribed from some blogs, FriendFeeds, and Twitter streams because of their political views. My blood pressure thanks me. I assume others have done the same to me.
  • I like writing about politics. Although I may not know much on a topic (I still don’t understand the bailout debacle) I like to write what I’m thinking and get a response.

The solution is simple: start another blog and write about politics there. Those who want to read my political rants could go there. The rest of you who don’t care about my politics don’t have to read it.

Now all that’s left is to determine exactly how to implement the blog. Stay tuned…