Starting a Blog — Naming It

Yesterday, I started “Impolite Company” to write about political issues. This and the next few posts will document the decisions I made and the steps I took in creating Impolite Company.

First on the list is the name: Impolite Company. I wasn’t looking for anonymity. I just needed another blog to segregate my political posts from everything else. I decided to use and went as far as creating the subdomain, installing the WordPress files, creating the database, and starting on the theme before I realized something better was needed, that I wanted a new domain name.

Here are factors I considered in choosing

  • I wanted a “dot com” domain. That’s what people expect. When I say “blogan dot net” people look confused and disappointed. “Dot net?” they ask. I suspect they probably forget and go to the wrong site. Getting a dot com domain name was non-negotiable.
  • I wanted the domain name to be common words spelled correctly — no web 2.0 spelling with missing vowels near the end. I didn’t want a made up word that no one would know how to pronounce and no one could remember how to spell. I didn’t want a combination of words that could be divided differently to yield an unfortunate meaning (e.g., “therapist” or “the rapist”).
  • The length wasn’t particularly important. By now, people are used to multiple words in a domain name without having to add “all one word” when saying it. I hope people don’t type the domain name more than once, anyway. Put it in your favorites list or subscribe by RSS.
  • I used to believe earlier in the alphabet is better. This is probably becoming less important now that most bloggers have abandoned displaying alphabetical blogrolls. I do believe benefited from being early in the alphabet.
  • I wanted the name to have some significance to the topic of politics. Although I imagine some would argue I failed on this point, Impolite Company is good enough for me. If you need an explanation, Impolite Company has an about page for you. It helped that I’d recently written on the topic, too.

I found both and were available. Impolite had the meaning I wanted and got it. The other name might still be available if you want it.

Up next, selecting the blog platform.

Update. The Next Web has a great compilation of posts on naming web startups.

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3 responses to “Starting a Blog — Naming It”

  1. Josh Bancroft Avatar

    Nice name for the site. And it passes both of “Josh’s Rules of Naming”:

    1. Thou shalt not pick a name you have to spell every time you say it, and

    2. Thou shalt not pick a name you have to explain how to pronounce every time you write it.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Not thinking of any names in particular are you, Josh? ;-)

    We’d talked about your naming rules before and I think they rubbed off onto me. Probably could have credited you, if I’d remembered…

    Glad you like the name.

  3. Josh Bancroft Avatar

    Actually, not thinking of any one name. But I could think of a dozen or two offenders. :-) No worries about credit, I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of it. :-)