Neither Politics Nor Religion

It’s said that one never speaks of politics or religion in polite company. Here I’ve done both. In fact, my definition of a true friend includes being able to discuss both and showing up to help on moving day.

Why do we talk politics? What’s the point? Is it to win votes for your candidate? Or is it to feel superior to the “idiots” who disagree with you? Good luck with both of those.

My new goal is to avoid being a new media douchebag, and I’m not sure it’s working. In my attempt I am swearing off writing about partisan politics. (Yeah, I’m reserving the right to write about political issues and religion.)

In my political burnout I’m also unsubscribing from “offending” blogs. If I unsubscribe from you please don’t take it personally. I’ll resubscribe after the elections.

Or, maybe I won’t.

By Brent Logan

Engineer. Lawyer. WordPress geek. Longboarder. Blood donor. Photographer. More about Brent.


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