Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

I rented a Toyota Prius for this business trip. It’s the first time I’ve driven one.

The car’s not perfect. The controls aren’t intuitive on first use and the car felt like it surged a little on the freeway. The rearview mirror is in a fixed location rather than being able to be positioned higher. With my height (6’3″), it blocks my view to the right-front, which is primarily a problem at intersections.

I still like it. The Prius feels solid and is fun to drive. It doesn’t feel underpowered.1though my baseline for comparison is a Honda CRV. The console between the front seats is capacious and comfortable. I like all the technology and its mileage is a plus.

Click on the pictures for additional descriptions.

Update. After driving the car for another day, I took more pictures and learned more cool features. Click the pictures for the updates.

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    though my baseline for comparison is a Honda CRV.

4 responses to “Toyota Prius”

  1. Charlene Avatar

    My very good friend has one, and I agree with your assessment (my baseline is a Toyota RAV4). She purchased it, downsizing from a large SUV. Her only requirement is that her daughter’s harp needed to fit in the back, and it does! The storage space is really deceptively large.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Is it a concert pedal harp? Fitting that in a Prius would be amazing, even with the rear seats folded down!

    I discovered some more cool things about the car on my way in this morning and will update this post soon with new pictures and text.

  3. Jere Avatar

    Nice report Brent, but according to the WWU Engineering report grading guide lines, I will only be able to give you a 5/10 since you did not report the locked motor amperage, state whether it had a squirrle cage motor or DC motor, the number of poles, the….
    Oh I am glad those days EMC are over. :>
    Oh and you did not use FUN for modeling the…

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    Jer’-man, huh?! ;-) Actually, I’d say 5/10 would be generous according to EMC standards. I just reviewed (and threw out) in the last month some of my WWU lab reports. Painstaking engineering lettering on the cover and in the text of the report, FUN graphs, etc. Good times! I must admit I don’t remember much from EMC other than to keep one hand in my pocket at all times while in the lab.