You are using a development version (2.7-hemorrhag…

You are using a development version (2.7-hemorrhage).

The latest SVN version of WordPress now incorporates the admin user interface developed in its Crazyhorse branch. Looks like the WordPress gang changed the version from 2.7-bleeding to 2.7-hemorrhage in the process.

Very nice!

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4 responses to “You are using a development version (2.7-hemorrhag…”

  1. drew Avatar

    hey man. i follow the development versions of WP via SVN, too, and now that i’m at 2.7-hemorrhage like you my widgets page isn’t working (e.g., i can’t add or remove widgets–the buttons don’t click). kinda strange. just wondering if you’re having the same problem. thanks!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    @drew. K2’s Sidebar Manager appears to be working for me — I just checked. Or did you mean the standard WordPress widgets?

  3. drew Avatar

    The standard wordpress widgets at /wp-admin/widgets.php.

    None of the buttons are clickable (except ‘Search Widgets’ and ‘Save’ for the number of Samsarin PHP Widgets).

    I just updated using ‘svn up’ and still nothing.

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    @drew. I don’t use WP widgets; K2’s Sidebar Manager is much more capable, enabling me to choose which widgets appear on which pages. You’ll notice that my sidebar looks very different on the main page versus single posts.

    I have no idea if WP’s widgets works with the latest WP SVN.