Link Shortener Feature Request: Ask Permission

Link shorteners are popular with the Twitter-set. After all, with a 140-character limit, no one wants to waste space on long links. As a result, we get short yet nondescriptive links like This is an actual URL I tried to follow. I don’t know where it goes because it made Intel’s proxies barf. Other Intel twitterers (thanks @jabancroft and @jmoriarty) informed me Intel’s proxies have been blocking tinyURLs links recently. Turns out the proxies may be blocking shortened links as a security measure because they don’t know the destination.

I want a URL shortener that doesn’t send me directly to the link. Instead, it should take me to an intermediate page that shows me the destination link and lets me choose whether I want to go. I suspect the proxies would like this, too.

Turns out, already does (almost) what I want. For example is a link to It also tells me (erroneously in this case) that the link is not safe for work.

Anyone know of a link shortener that works like NSFW, but without the NSFW warning?

Update. Tweetdeck lets you choose from a bunch of link shorteners. Of these, two let you provide a preview page.